Sterilization: we pay maximum attention and gravity as well strictly observe all stages of the used instruments sterilization.

  • rinsing under running tap water get
  • keeping for 60 minutes in a Nika disinfecting solution
  • rinsing under warm water get then washing individually with a brush and abrasive paste
  • rerinsing and drying
  • arranging the instruments in trays and then in special autoclave bags, which then must be sealed
  • using the sterilization control tests - paper, which subsequently changes their color only when all phases of sterilization are completed
  • placing trays with sealed box instruments for sterilization (temperature 134 C, at pressure) where instruments are subjected to 4-step sterilization / using  sterilization control tests
  • extracting the trays from the box and storage thereof on the sterile table where an antibacterial lamp is connected.

Thus the instruments are sterile 100-100!