In planning treatment room we devoted much attention on the requirements and sanitary regulations, that we strictly observe.

Members of the medical team performs periodic medical inspection examinations they are constantly checked and tested on a full compliance with strict sanitary standards.

The walls, the ceiling of the treatment rooms are coated with antibacterial paint, they are easily accessible for wet cleaning and are resistant to detergents and disinfectants processing permitted for use in the established order.

Sterilization: we pay maximum attention and gravity as well strictly observe all stages of the used instruments sterilization.

Besides the standard package of shockproof kit we can be proud that we are one of the 3 top  clinics which has the equipment for the production of oxygen - oxygen concentrator - medical device producing oxygen at a concentration of 93 % , an equipment that ensures a rapid restoration response in the case of:

Aria SR (Czech Republic) last generation, anatomically shaped for maximum patient comfort, upholstering material without sewing and that can be subjected to wet processing with antiseptic solution after each patient. All buttons are fully covered with glass being activated by sensor, namely such technology provides a simple, fast and efficient antiseptic processing.

Digital outbreak videography obtained instantly (no waiting period), superior quality and net clarity and of lower dose of radiation up to 80%.

Instrumentation: The teeth preparation pieces are made by the best manufacturers NSK (Japan)

We are cautious in choosing the method of anesthesia to provide a painless treatment. In a choosing the method of anesthesia we take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Fear of the pain is essentially a psychological factor, that is why we use several types of anesthesia.

shoe covers, cups, vacuum salivary, working place, bib and protection capelin. Each team member uses medical gowns, gloves, disposable mask and protection goggles.

Having a profound respect for you, and passion for what we do all waste arising in the clinic are classified according to sanitary requirements