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all equipment, tools , materials, which are used to treat the patient, being made of the highest quality, so each patient will remain satisfied with the result. 

We pay maximum attention and reliability, strictly complying with all stages of used instruments sterilization, check sterilization quality by means of control tests

Taking in consideration the dental centers high competition, as well the fact that we want to have more patients, we decided that Mela Dent must radically differ from other clinics through:

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Mela Dent

Welcome to Mela Dent!

Interpersonal relationships play an important role in our daily life, be it industrial relations or our most intimate moments. The smile is a personal undeniably label, a natural gesture that marks the happy events, accompanying us throughout the life. We smile to express the most complex feelings and our smile can convey to those around, more messages than a thousand words. The smile is the simplest thing to offer, its significance is immeasurable: joins destinies, gives color to life, transforms tears into hope, it's the kiss of the soul, a work of art by which each man shows his personality. Smiling makes us better, more confident, more sincere, stronger. Smiling often, strengthens our immune system.

The smile is a firefly through the maze of the life, a push toward optimism, a perseverance, stimulus to knowing the proper limits and the world around us.

The smile may appear anywhere and from nothing!!! Smiling when you're born. The childhood was always the dearest refuge of the smile. We smile when we fall in love for the first time. We smile when we have first success. The smile appears in one's sleep, in the morning with a cup of coffee, in a new dress, in a transient kiss, in a wise man, in a good joke, in a tasty meal, in a flower ... it's anywhere your heart being, the hope, the love and self-giving devotion.
So it's natural to want our smile to be shiny and especially healthy: the smile each of us is a true visiting card, which should not be neglected. Mela Dent will understand your desire and support you in achieving this dream, helping you to smile with more confidence.

A healthy smile you will find with Mela Dent!

Mela Dent will smile together!