In addition the Mela Dent dental clinic offers also affordable accessible prices to all patients.

In the proposed price list you can find prices and standards for our services (without reduction and special offers).


Dental fillings (fillings photo)                  from 300 lei
Tooth restoration with Spectrum material   from 400 lei
Aesthetic restoration with Gradia Direct material   from 600 lei
Treatment of pulpit (1 channel)   from 100 lei
Professional removing of dental tartar + Air Flow (both jaws)   600 lei
Tooth whitening with the tray application (arch)   1600 lei
Cracks sealing (one tooth)   100 lei


Intraradicular poured Pivot                from 400 lei
Cermet crown   from 1200 lei
Integral ceramic crown   from 3000 lei
Metallacrilic crown   from 900 lei
Molded metal crowns   from 700 lei
Implant cermet crown   from 1800 lei
Veneers   from 4000 lei
Zirconium crown   from 4000 lei
Partial mobilized acrylic prosthesis   from 1000 lei
Total mobilized acrylic prosthesis   from 1600 lei
Skeleton prosthesis   from 3800 lei

The price list includes the most popular dental services
Make sure about our affordable prices
Make a calculation and take advantage!